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We're introducing a brand new simulation activity system that's out of this world!

Mobile Spelunking Systems are combination above ground mobile tunnel mazes and climbing structures.  They simulate “spelunking” (underground cave exploration) in an entirely safe way.  They are completely different than any other simulated activity system or play structure. 

Our Systems are fun for just about everyone.  Teens race through tunnels for time or collectively work together to find their way through complex mazes.  Camp Counsellors build self-esteem in children of all ages through accomplishment, competition and games.  Toddlers scramble into, onto and through bright safe places.  Executives foster team and employee morale through simulation exercises.

These Systems can be used for exercise, team building, education, self actualization, contemplation and just having fun in schools, universities, camps, day cares, city recreation centres, social service associations and business.

Browsing the site should give you a pretty good idea what we offer but if you have any questions please let us know.  We'll try to get back to you within three days.


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