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Replacement Sections

MOBILE SPELUNKING SYSTEMS are designed to last for a long, long time.  They are made of polyethylene, a tough, durable plastic that resists abuse including, paint, dirt and even flame.  But things happen, particularly vandals.  We can replace any section in your System and do it as quick as you like.

PROCESS to order replacement sections: 
Within the Users Manual (provided with the purchase of all Mobile Spelunking Systems) is a description of how each section is labelled as well as a template to sketch the particular section.  With the colour, section label and a sketch to confirm the shape and position of fastener holes. MSSI can reproduce the section exactly (colours might vary slightly).   Time from prepaid order (including shipping) is six weeks.  An extra charge is added if the piece must be there faster.

Additional fasteners

MOBILE SPELUNKING SYSTEMS are held together with as many as 3000 fasteners (500 Series).  All fasteners are chrome plated for long wear and rust resistance.  A fastener set consists of a round Robertson bolt, a nut and two or more washers.  Two kinds of nuts are used, depending on their location.  Virtually all the sets use Tee nuts.  Acorn nuts are provided to the purchaser to secure the System in some of its more elaborate configurations, those that require more than the stability offered by gravity. 

As with all fasteners bolts gradually can work themselves loose.  This can happen if the System has not been maintained properly.  Robertson bolts are used to lessen the chances of vandalism.  We ship replacement fasteners anywhere.


All MS Systems are designed in such a way that there is at least one way in which the System can be configured so that it presents as long a tunnel as possible for the size of the System i.e. it uses every section.  These tunnels are 16, 54, 128 and 250 feet long in the 200 Series, 300 Series, 400 Series and 500 Series, respectfully.  In the 300, 400 and 500 series there are more access/egress to/from the levels than absolutely necessary.  At the same time this provides for more configuration option.

Doors are not an essential part of an MS System but they do provide an added dimension.  Mazes can be set up to have only two access/egress points by shutting off others with doors. 

Doors are constructed from the same material as the rest of the System, polyethylene.  They are held together and  in place by bands of Velcro.  They are designed in such a way that they can be removed quickly in case of need.  Doors are available in the same colours as the System. 


Description SKU # Price**
Each section (2'/.6m) cube MSS001 $125 Cdn
Door (all colours) MSS002 $75 Cdn
Fasteners MSS003 depends on quantity

** In Canadian dollars,  fob Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and plus applicable taxes.

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