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Here are just a few of the millions of different configurations that can be done with just one Series 400 Mobile Spelunking System.

400 Series - 3 levels offset horizontal and 1 vertical
H. J. Izah School
 400 Series - all levels horizontal
but offset
Gimli Camp, Lake Winnipeg
400 Series - stored against a wall
V. Wyatt School

400 Series - 2 levels vertical and 2 horizontal
Bairdmore School

400 Series - all levels horizontal (2 adjacent
overlapping offset stacks of 2)
Bairdmore School

400 Series - all levels vertical but offset
Bairdmore School

400 Series - all levels horizontal (1 beside a stack of 3)
St. Vital Mall

400 Series - a different configuration with 2 vertical and 2 horizontal
Safeway Fair

200 Series - stacked as a small easy maze
(*one of about 100 ways of setting up the 200 Series)

At a private residence





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