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Mobile Spelunking Systems Series 300 are six foot (6') cubes (or 1.8 meters).  They are made up of a Cunningham Cube.  This is created by stacking identically shaped levels on top of each other.  All levels are interchangeable.  Each level is made up of 2 foot cubes that form a square grid, in this case three by three (3x3). Some walls allow passage between sections. Others do not.  Some sections allow movement between levels.  Varying the proximity of levels to one another creates an entirely different structure.  Rotating and flipping levels makes each way different.

There are more than 100,000 ways of configuring a MSS Series 300!   Some of the general ways include: (1) stacking all levels horizontally with all side edges lined up; (2) same as 1 but with some or all side edges overlapping;  (3) stacking two levels horizontally and attaching the third vertically; (4)  having two vertical and one horizontal;  (5)  positioning all three levels vertically.  Another way (6), often used to orientate new users, is to have two levels adjacent to each other on the ground with the third on top of both. 

When stacked as described in (1) above the Cunningham cube creates a tunnel fifty-four feet long (54') or thirty-nine different mazes (using all three or just two levels together).  Systems stacked this way (and (6)) need no fasteners because of the weight and friction.  All other configurations require a fasteners at a few locations to provide stability and prevent movement.  These fasteners (provided with each System) consist of hexagonal bolts and hexagonal acorn nuts.

Series 300 Systems weigh about 300 pounds (140 k);  each level about 90 pounds (the top weighs a little more because it contains more plastic). 


Description SKU # Price*
Model 301 MSS301 $3235 Cdn

* In Canadian dollars and fob Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and plus applicable taxes.

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