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bullet“Many students really enjoyed the unique challenge of this new activity... Hopefully we can see you back again in another year.” Maples Collegiate
bullet“We were pleased with the dialogue that occurred between students e.g. ‘Don’t go that way. It’s a dead-end.’ ‘You’re so lucky you are small. You can fly through there.’ Thanks for bringing the System. It was a huge success” General Byng School
bullet“The students found the System to be extremely fun as well as challenging... The Mobile Spelunking System ... helps develop a student’s spatial awareness and confidence ...upper body strength and problem solving.” Victor H. L. Wyatt School
bullet“My son loved it! I think it’s a great idea, particularly the exercise it provides.” Jonathan Werier, MD
bullet“We really liked the way you could change the tunnels to make it non-threatening for students using it for the first time to making it very challenging for students who are ready for a challenge.” R. H. G. Bonnycastle School
bullet“The enthusiasm displayed by all of my students as they first saw the various configurations set up, then as they actually made their way through was joy to see. The thing that I appreciated above all else was the aspect of inclusion offered by the system.” Ecole Crane
bullet“We’d love to have a System.” Ryerson School
bullet“It was a huge success with all of our classes. Each of our Physical Education staff members were impressed by the numerous different PE applications... co-operative games, skill development, creative activities, leadership development and, of course, fun. We would definitely use it again for our PE classes.” Linden Christian School
bullet“Versatile for all student levels k-6. Good risk factor introduction to early years students. Colourful and safe material. It would be an excellent device to rotate from school to school.” Bairdmore School
bullet“The Mobile Spelunking System has been the highlight of the year for our young participants.  This is a unique treasure for any program, camp or school.” Optimal Health Early Years Sports Club


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